Cornwall Reversible Chaise

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Cornwall Reversible Chaise

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After 15 years of selling this wonderful concept of 100% removable washable and replaceable linen-covered chairs and sofas, we are confident you will love the comfort and good sense this family-friendly model has.

Choosing pure natural linen avoids the issue of colours fading in our harsh sun.

As well as that when it is washed correctly the dye run isn't a factor.

Being able to access the filling in the seat and back cushions means as time passes if needed they can easily be dealt with.

The frames have solid sides, backs, and fronts with a Zig Zag spring system and an elastic web seat. This gives even unfading support throughout the seating area.

After many millions of dollars of this model we sold, we have had no frame or seat issues.

Many customers over the 15 years have returned to buy replacement covers which we can order.

Washing instructions are supplied by us rather than hoping the dry cleaner will know best.

Protection with Microseal is an add-on option but not essential.

This sofa system has all the elements of being a sustainable design.

Sitting on them is a different sensation than conventional foam-only seat designs.

It moulds around you with high shoulder support and a soft front edge for shorter people.

The armrests are where they should be.

For the past 10 years we have been supplying solid Teak armrest covers to rest your drink or whatever avoiding marking the fabric and the need for a coffee table.

Designed by Grant the owner. Simple but effective.


287 L x 180 W x 78 H cm

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